What Are Some of the Climate Conditions That Can Be Found in Mexico?


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The climate in Mexico ranges from desert-like to hot and humid, and the country is divided into tropical and temperate zones by the Tropic of Cancer. The type of climate found in the 742,490-square-mile nation has much to do with the altitude of the region. Mexico City, at an altitude of more than 1 mile above sea level, has a moderate climate with pleasant summers, while many of the low-lying regions along the country's 5,800-mile coastline have hot and humid tropical climates.

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Most of Mexico has a rainy season between June and the middle of October, but a small area near Tijuana in the northwest has a rainy season that takes place in winter. This area also has a Mediterranean climate and experiences heavy coastal fog.

Regions along the Gulf of Mexico receive the greatest rainfall, while arid, desert-like conditions are found in some northwestern regions such as the Baja California Peninsula. In another example of Mexico's contrasting climates, some of the mountain peaks in the Sierra Madres and parts of the northern highlands receive significant amounts of snowfall.

Mexico lies within the hurricane belt, and both the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean coastline experience severe storms between the months of June and November. A 1988 hurricane in Cancun brought winds reaching speeds of more than 120 mph. Storms along the country's Pacific Ocean coastline tend to be less severe.

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