How Do You Clean up Air Pollution?


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Clean up air pollution by planting trees and vegetation that consume carbon dioxide in the air while releasing oxygen. In addition, recycling products such as plastics, glass and paper may reduce the pollution in the air. Limiting use of coal and using clean fuel in vehicles also reduces air pollution.

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How Do You Clean up Air Pollution?
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One way to avoid air pollution at home is to limit the use of wood and charcoal for cooking. When these are the only sources of energy, maintain the cooking stoves properly so that they consume the fuel sparingly.

To avoid polluting the air with vehicle exhaust fumes, invest in clean fuel from trusted sources. Fueling vehicles in the early morning or late evening may limit the evaporation of fumes into the atmosphere. Ensure the car tires are well aligned and inflated. Faulty tires make the car consume more fuel, thus emitting more pollutants.

Another way to cut down on the use of pollutant energy is to plant leafy trees to provide shade during hot summer afternoons. This cuts down on the consumption of oil used for cooling and ventilating the house.

Invest in green electricity sources and other forms of renewable energy. Instead of using oil for heating and air conditioning, consider investing in a solar-powered system. Additionally, avoid smoking, especially around children.

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