How Do You Clean Silver With Baking Soda?


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To clean silver with baking soda, a person should put boiling water and baking soda in a deep baking pan lined with aluminum and then soak the silver. Users should use just enough water to completely cover all the pieces of silver. For larger pieces, a 5-gallon bucket also works well.

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How Do You Clean Silver With Baking Soda?
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Set a sheet of aluminum foil in a baking pan or bucket, and put the silver items on the foil. Boil water in another container and add a cup of baking soda, stirring until it is completely dissolved. For larger items that require a larger amount of water, an additional cup of baking soda might be required. Pour the mixture into the pan with the silver. The silver should be left to soak for several minutes until the tarnish starts to come off. For badly tarnished pieces, users can repeat the process. After the silver comes clean, it should be dried with a soft cloth and placed in a moisture-free area.

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