How Do I Choose a Color Palette?

How Do I Choose a Color Palette?

Choosing a color palette for your home involves making big decisions that you have to live with for a long time. While there are fundamental design principles to help make the choice, ultimately you must pick colors you can live with happily.

  1. Look at the colors of items you already own and love

    Look at large rugs, upholstered furniture or artwork that you already own, and pick your favorite colors from those pieces. Also consider the colors of your own wardrobe, and choose colors that you look good wearing.

  2. Choose colors on a room-by-room basis

    Start with the public rooms when choosing a color palette. Look for places where you can allow colors chosen for one room to flow into the next room.

  3. Divide color choices into dominant, secondary and accent colors

    Choose a dominant color for each room. That color should dominate 60 percent of the room and typically goes on the walls. For the next 30 percent, choose a secondary color that complements the dominant color, picking from colors close to it on the color wheel. Pick an accent color that comes from the other side of the color wheel, using it for the final 10 percent of the decoration.