How Is Chemistry Related to Math?


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Math occurs frequently in chemistry, since chemistry uses numbers to perform calculations and measurements. In fact, balancing equations, an act incredibly important to chemistry, is completely dependent on knowing the fundamentals of mathematics.

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Math is used to explain how atoms and molecules interact with each other as well as how they are created. In fact, chemistry is sometimes viewed as people applying math to everyday occurrences. A chemist uses some form of math every day to do even the simplest of tasks in his profession.

Chemistry does not simply require a rudimentary understanding of mathematics. Although it is possible to do some forms of chemical analysis with basic arithmetic skills, such as those learned in algebra and precalculus, more difficult chemistry-related problems require quite a bit of math knowledge. In fact, to practice advanced chemistry, one has to learn and understand calculus as well.

Numbers appear everywhere in chemistry, most notably on the periodic table of elements, which gives a certain atomic number and mass to every element. Math is also used to determine these numbers. In addition, various types of equations and problems are used to calculate the movement of any given compound. Chemistry even has its own unit of measurement, known as a mole.

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