Why Is Chemistry Important?


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Chemistry is important because it explains life and industrial processes, such as cooking, medicine, cleaning and environmental issues. Knowledge of chemistry helps people to make decisions that affect their lives, such as safe use of household chemicals. Chemistry is also important because everything is composed of chemicals.

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Chemistry is used to explain how matter and energy interacts. For instance, it explains the interaction of ingredients in food, preservation methods and metabolic activities. It is through chemistry that people understand daily life activities, such as how soaps, disinfectants and bleaches work. It also allows people to understand how supplements, vitamins, drugs and food help or harm them. In addition, chemistry allows people to understand pollutants and how to prevent pollution.

Chemical reactions occur in all life processes, including eating, reading, sitting and breathing. Chemistry is the foundation of the pharmaceutical industry. This is because an understanding of organic chemistry is important in preventing and curing human diseases through therapeutic agents. Biochemistry is important in medicine because it explains the cellular and metabolic processes that affect health. It also provides the knowledge that is needed in understanding molecular genetics.

Chemistry is referred to as the central science because it links other natural sciences, such as biology, geology and physics. Chemistry enables students to access diverse education and research opportunities in areas such as chemical biology, inorganic chemistry, nanochemistry and analytical chemistry. There are also interdisciplinary learning opportunities in chemical engineering and molecular biology.

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