What Is the Chemical Reaction When Al and Cl2 Are Combined?

When Al and Cl2 are combined, the chemical that is formed is AlCl2. The equation of the chemical reaction is Al + Cl2 --> ALCl2. It indicates that one molecule of aluminum combines with one molecule of chlorine gas to form one molecule of dichloroaluminum.

AlCl2 has a molar mass of 97.888 g/mol. The most-common reaction when aluminum is combined with chlorine gas occurs when two molecules of aluminum combine with three molecules of chlorine gas to form two molecules of aluminum chloride. The formula for the chemical reactions is 2 Al + 3 Cl2 --> 2 AlCl3. AlCl3 is the main compound formed from the reaction, and it is a white powder with a molar mass of 133.341 g/mol.