What Is the Chemical O2?


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The chemical O2 is oxygen gas. Oxygen belongs to group 16 and has the atomic number of 8 on the periodic table. Oxygen is very abundant in the Earth's atmosphere, which is comprised of approximately 21 percent of this element.

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Some properties pertaining to oxygen are its boiling point of -297.3 degrees Fahrenheit and its density of 0.001429 grams per centimeter. Because of oxygen's reactivity, it can form many different types of oxide compounds. For example, it reacts with barium, sodium, potassium and lithium to form oxides of these elements. In its liquid state, it can combine with liquid hydrogen to produce rocket fuel.

Fractional distillation is a process used to produce oxygen by extracting it from liquid air. Electrolysis is another useful method to produce oxygen from water.

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