What Is the Chemical Name for the Compound With the Formula Na2 S?


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Na2S is the formula for sodium sulfide. Sodium sulfide is an ionic compound composed of two Na+ ions and one S2- ion.

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Sodium sulfide is a crystalline substance that ranges from white to yellow to brick red in color and has the classic sulfur odor that resembles rotten eggs. As a hazardous substance, sodium sulfide has the following characteristics:

  • It is extremely basic and reacts violently with acids to produce hydrogen sulfide gas, which is flammable and extremely toxic.
  • In anhydrous form, it can become hot enough to set fire to flammable substances when exposed to moisture.
  • It is highly caustic to both the skin and eyes.
  • It causes lung damage if the powder or fumes are inhaled.

Uses of sodium sulfide include:

  • Dye for textiles, paper and leather
  • Extraction of ores
  • Part of the Kraft process for digesting wood chips in the production of paper

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