What Is the Chemical Formula for Strontium Phosphate?

The chemical formula for strontium phosphate is Sr3(PO4)2. The formula indicates that a single molecule of strontium phosphate contains three atoms of strontium, symbolized by Sr, two atoms of phosphorus, represented by P, and eight atoms of oxygen, indicated by the elemental symbol O.

The formula for strontium phosphate can also be written as O8P2Sr3. The compound has a molar mass of 452.80 grams per mole and has the appearance of a white powder. Strontium phosphate is also known as tristrontium diphosphate, strontium orthophosphate, strontium phosphatetribasic, strontium salt and tristrontium bis(orthophosphate). Strontium phosphate can be formed through a reaction of Sr(OH)2 and H3PO4.