What Is the Chemical Formula of Manganese(II) Sulfate?

The chemical formula for manganese(II) sulfate is MnSO4. However, most of the time, this salt exists as the monohydrate and has the chemical formula MnSO4(H2O). While anhydrous magnesium sulfate is white, the hydrates are pink.

Chemical manufacturers convert manganese ores to manganese(II) sulfate in the production of the pure metal. Farmers add MnSO4 to soil to increase the manganese content. Manganese sulfate is water-soluble and highly hygroscopic. It also exists as a tetrahydrate, pentahydrate and heptahydrate. Mild exposure causes irritation of the mucous membranes. Extended exposure leads to serious consequences. It is absorbed through the eyes and skin. Inhalation of fumes causes respiratory health problems.