What Is the Chemical Formula for Lime?

CaO is the chemical formula for lime, which is also called calcium oxide. Calcium oxide is produced from minerals like limestone through a heating process that removes carbon dioxide.

Lime has the molecular weight of 56.0774 grams per mole. In appearance, calcium oxide is a grayish-white crystalline solid. Its boiling point is 5,162 degrees Fahrenheit, and the melting point is 4,662 degrees.

Although lime is soluble in substances like glycerol and acids, it is immiscible in alcohol. Lime does have a reaction with water in which calcium hydroxide is the product. Calcium hydroxide is known as slake lime.

Although lime has many applications, one of its principle use is in the steel industry, where it is utilized to remove impurities like silicates from steel. Lime is also important for construction use.