What Is the Chemical Formula for Iron(III) Phosphate?

The chemical formula for iron(III) phosphate is FeO4P. Other names used to refer to this compound include iron phosphate, ferric phosphate and ferric orthophosphate.

Iron(III) phosphate has a molecular mass of 150.82 grams/mol and may appear in a crystalline or amorphous state. Its color ranges from white or gray to light pink, yellow or brown. Iron(III) phosphate is manufactured by mixing a solution of sodium phosphate with one of ferric chloride then filtering and drying the resulting compound.

Iron(III) phosphate is used in organic farming as it destroys mollusks without affecting pets and wildlife. This chemical compound is also used in various industrial processes, such as steel and metal manufacturing. Coatings of iron phosphate are used to prevent the oxidation and rusting of some metallic parts.