What Is the Chemical Formula for Iodine Bromide?


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The chemical formula for iodine bromide is BrI. Iodine bromide contains one atom of bromine and one atom of iodine and has a molecular weight of 206.8 grams/mol. Other names used to identify this chemical compound include iodine monobromide and bromoiodine.

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Iodine bromide results from the following chemical reaction: C2H2BrF3+I2→C2H2F3I+BrI. Another chemical reaction that generates iodine bromide is: I2+CBrF3→CF3I+BrI.

Iodine monobromide appears as a crystalline mass that features a dark gray to brownish-black coloration. It has a density of 4.416 grams/milliliter, and it is sensitive to light and moisture, which is why it must be stored in a refrigerator at a temperature of 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit (4 degrees Celsius), as indicated on Chemical Book.

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