What Is the Chemical Formula for Elmer’s Glue?

Denver Post via Getty Images/Denver Post/Getty Images

The chemical formula for the primary ingredient in Elmer’s Glue is a polymerized form of CH2CHO2CCH3, or polyvinyl acetate. Elmer’s Glue also contains proprietary chemicals about which the company does not disclose the details.

Elmer’s Glue can be washed away with warm water, but other polyvinyl acetate glues such as wood glue are waterproof. Polyvinyl acetate is also used in latex paints to form a film. Other chemicals in polyvinyl acetate glue, known as tackifiers, affect the substances to which glue sticks. Some glues do not use polyvinyl acetate. Superglue uses cyanoacrylate as its primary adhesive and some all-purpose glues use polyurethane.