What Is the Chemical Formula for Disodium Guanylate?


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The chemical formula for disodium guanylate is C10H12N5Na2O8P. It has a molecular weight of 407.184281 and is used as a flavor enhancer in food, often with monosodium glutamate (MSG.)

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Adding disodium guanylate to food can help reduce the amount of salt needed. Guanylates metabolize to purines, which can cause problems for asthmatics and those with gout. There is no standard acceptable amount for daily intake; however, babies under 12 weeks old should not eat food containing the enhancer.

Disodium guanylate is often produced by fish. Vegan and vegetarians should only buy products containing the ingredient that are specifically labeled as being "vegan friendly." The no-fish alternative of disodium guanylate is produced from yeast.

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