What Is the Chemical Formula for Calcium Chloride?

chemical-formula-calcium-chloride Credit: Westend61/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

The chemical formula for calcium chloride is CaCl2. Calcium chloride contains one calcium atom that is bound to two chlorine atoms. It has a molecular weight of 110.984.

Calcium chloride is a white, flaky inorganic salt that can be dissolved in water. It has a melting point of 782°C and a boiling point of over 160°C.

Calcium chloride is often used to melt snow, to control dust and as a preservative in food. It melts ice on roads faster than the more common salt, sodium chloride. Calcium chloride also has several medical purposes: it can treat magnesium toxicity and internal hydrofluoric acid burns. Calcium chloride can also quickly help prevent heart attacks that can occur as a side effect of drugs such as diltiazem.