What Is the Chemical Formula for Beryllium Iodide?


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The chemical formula for beryllium iodide is BeI2. Beryllium iodide attracts and holds water molecules, and it reacts violently with them to form hydrolodic acid. It can also be used in preparing high-purity beryllium through decomposing it on a hot tungsten filament.

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Beryllium iodide has the appearance of colorless, needle-like crystals. It can be formed through beryllium metal reacting with elemental iodine at temperatures from 500 to 700 degrees Celsius. It can also be created with beryllium carbide reacting to hydrogen iodide in the gas phase. Its molar mass is 262.821 grams per mole. It melts at 480 degrees Celsius and boils at 590 degrees Celsius.

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