What Is the Chemical Formula for Beryllium Bromide?

The chemical formula of beryllium bromide, a polymer that dissolves rapidly in water, is BeBr2. It has a molecular mass of 168.82 grams per mole. A molecule of beryllium bromide is tetrahedral in shape, with the beryllium atom at the center.

Beryllium bromide is prepared by the reaction of beryllium with bromine at temperatures above 500 degrees Celsius. It is an ionic compound with colorless crystals. It has a very high density of 3,465 kilograms per cubic meter. Beryllium bromide has a very high melting point of 508 degrees Celsius or 946 degrees Fahrenheit.

Beryllium bromide is used in the treatment of water and in chemical analysis. When it is very pure, it is used for the development of crystals.