What Is the Chemical Formula for Ammonia?

chemical-formula-ammonia Credit: Andy Sotiriou/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Ammonia's chemical formula is NH3. Composed of nitrogen and hydrogen, this colorless gas has a molar mass of 17.03 g/mol (grams/mole).

Ammonia has a pungent smell. This chemical has a freezing point of -77.7 degrees Celsius and a boiling point of -33.5 degrees Celsius. The NH3 molecule has the geometrical shape of a trigonal pyramid.

Ammonia is utilized widely in the fabrication of fertilizers, explosives, refrigerants, and plastics. Another use for ammonia is as a household cleaning solvent.

Because ammonia can be toxic and corrosive, exposure to high concentrations of this substance can be dangerous and may cause ammonia poisoning.