What Is Chemical Energy?


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Chemical energy is a type of energy that is stored in the bonds that form between different chemical compounds. These bonds exist between different types of atoms and molecules. The energy that is stored inside of these bonds can be released through a chemical reaction, which usually has a number of different side effects. There are many types of chemical energies that can be found in the world.

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According to eSchoolToday, when the bonds that exist between chemical compounds are broken through chemical reactions, energy is released. Some types of chemical compounds that hold this type of energy include batteries, biomasses, coal, natural gases and petroleum. The breaking of the bonds in these different substances allow energy to be harnessed. Usually, when this energy is utilized, there is also a release of heat. Sometimes, chemical reactions can cause the substance to transform into a substance that's completely different from its original form.

Chemical energy is also released during explosions and when wood burns outdoors or in a fireplace. The chemical energy that is released when wood burns converts to heat and light energy. Wood also transforms into ash, a completely different substance, as it burns. Food also has bonds that store chemical energy, and this energy breaks down during the process of digestion.

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