How do you view a chart of chemical elements?


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As of 2015, Lenntech.com offers both an alphabetical chart of the chemical elements and a periodic table featuring the elements color-coded based on whether they are metals, nonmetals, semiconductors, inert gases, or lanthanides and actinides. To access the periodic table, click on Periodic table in the navigation bar on the home page. From there, click the Elements by name link to view the alphabetical chart. Additionally, there is an interactive periodic table of the elements at Ptable.com.

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Once you load the alphabetical element chart on Lenntech.com, there are additional options to view the elements arranged by atomic number, atomic mass, chemical symbol, electronegativity or density. You can also choose to view the elements arranged by their melting points, boiling points, years of discovery, ionization energies or inventor surnames. Additionally, there are links that load charts of the elements based on how prevalent they are in the human body or in the earth's crust.

Clicking on any element's chemical symbol on the periodic table on Lenntech.com loads a page with information about that element's chemical properties, history, effects on the environment and health impacts. The dynamic periodic table on Ptable.com features tabs for viewing the properties, orbitals and isotopes of the different elements. There is also a Compounds tab that provides information on different chemical compounds that contain each of the elements.

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