How Do You Charge an RC Glow Plug Igniter?

There are three methods for charging an RC glow plug igniter depending on the particular igniter. Some igniters are charged by connecting them to a wall outlet, some take an internal battery, and some are connected to an external battery for charging.

An RC glow plug igniter is a device for starting a remote control vehicle with a nitro engine. The unit, also known as a glow plug warmer, heats the glow plug inside the engine cylinder until it is hot enough to ignite the nitro fuel mixture. Many RC glow plug igniters come with a charging cord. To charge this model of igniter, push one end of the cord into the port on the igniter unit, and plug the other end into a standard wall outlet. The charger takes 10 to 12 hours to fully charge.

A second type of glow plug igniter has a battery compartment in the handle. Depending on the size of the compartment, insert a fresh C or D alkaline battery into the compartment when the igniter stops working. An advantage of this type of unit is that there is no need to wait for it to charge.

The third type of glow plug igniter requires a 1.5 volt battery for charging. This model has two wires on one end instead of a port or a battery compartment. The wires are marked with a plus sign for positive and a minus sign for negative. Wrap the positive wire around the positive coil at the top of the battery and the negative wire around the negative coil to charge the unit.