What Are Some Characteristics of Panniculus?


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Characteristics of a panniculus include a fatty composition and sheet-like distribution, according to MedicineNet. As the name suggests, the common type, known as abdominal panniculus adiposus, occurs in the abdominal area.

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Most people with abdominal panniculus are obese, or they were obese or pregnant but have since lost weight, notes EmpowHer. Depending on the severity, a panniculus can sag below the knees. However, the lowest-grade panniculus is less extreme, extending only to the pubic hair.

A panniculus can make it difficult for the sufferer to find clothes that fit properly, and it can interfere with sex and hygiene, explains EmpowHer. A surgery known as a panniculectomy reduces the panniculus, explains MedicineNet.

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