What Are Some Characteristics of Ash Trees?


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Characteristics of ash trees are: opposite branching, pronounced diamond pattern bark, five-11 Leaflets, oar-shaped seeds and pinnate compound leaves. Ash trees also have many small dots on their leaf scars, and the twigs range from gray to brown and do not have a waxy coating. Ash trees are generally easy to identify and there are three varieties of ash trees: green, black and white.

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Ash trees are in the family genus Fraxinus. The trees are native to the eastern and central regions North America, and are found in hardwood forests from Nova Scotia, Minnesota, Florida and Texas. Ash trees are hearty in nature and have a high tolerance for different environments, hence the reason why they are a common sight in many neighborhoods.

Black ash trees are native to the Northern United States and Canada and thrive in environments that get plenty of rainfall. White ash trees are native to Eastern North America, and the barks are light gray and are ideal for providing shade in the summer. Green ash trees are native to the Western United States and are characterized by its rich, green leaves.

Trees that look very similar to Ash trees are Elm trees, Black Walnut trees, Shagbark Hickory trees and Boxelder trees.

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