How Do You Change Dodge Aftermarket Headlights?


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The tools required to change the Dodge aftermarket headlights include needle nose pliers, a small straight blade screwdriver, a headlamp screwdriver, wire ties, masking tape and wire connectors. Use the masking tape to mask off the top portion of the Dodge bumper and the outline of the grille.

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Masking the bumper prevents scratches when removing and then later reinstalling the grille. Pull up the bonnet and remove the locking bolts. Remove the center pins by unscrewing counterclockwise, prying them up and then pulling them out using the needle nose pliers. Unfasten the two screws to the radiator support on either side.

Pull the grille at the sides very gently to release the fasteners at the fenders. Remove the side marker lamp and the headlamp and place aside. Remove the turn lamp connectors. Once the top is released, pull the grille outwards. It will release the bottom fasteners. Unplug the light bulb harnesses. During the installation of the new projector housings, ensure that neither the ballast nor the inverter is attached to the housing.

Align the lower and center grille pins and the fasteners and re-attach the side lamp bulb, headlamp and turn lamp connectors. Ensure that the ballast and inverter are present within the engine compartment with a red and black wire to power the halo rings. Connect the halo wire to a power source, secure the ballast and inverter to each lamp and check if all the lights are functioning. Re-attach the top of the grille.

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