How Do You Chalk Your Hair?


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Rubbing soft pastels over damp hair and using a curling iron or flat iron to heat seal each strand is known as hair chalking. It is an easy way to bring wild pops of temporary color to the hair. Depending on hair condition, color lasts up to a week.

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Begin by gathering a selection of soft chalk pastels, a spray bottle filled with water, some rubber gloves, hairspray and either a curling iron or flat iron. Put on the rubber gloves to protect fingers from staining. It is also a good idea to cover clothing with a drape, or simply wear old clothing in case the chalk stains.

Working in 1-inch sections, dampen the hair with water using the spray bottle. The hair doesn't need to be sopping wet, but it should be thoroughly damp. Choose three colors to work with. Starting with the lightest color, rub the chalk along the entire strand of damp hair. Spray with hairspray. Repeat this step, using the middle tone, and then the darkest, choosing new sections with each color.

If the hair begins to dry out, spray with more water. Allow the hair to dry completely. Heat the curling iron or flat iron and iron each colored strand to seal in the color. Style as usual.

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