What Causes Sperm to Be Watery?

According to Dr. John W. Tillett from HealthTap, there are many reasons that sperm or semen is watery, such as ejaculation frequency, hydration status or diet. Dr. Eric C. Umbreit points out that the more often a man ejaculates, the more watery the consistency of his semen.

Dr. Bhupinder Kaur from Med Help goes on to say that semen consistency varies with drinking habits. The more fluids a person drinks, the more watery semen tends to be.

Living Healthy 360 explains that watery sperm can be caused by a low sperm count, insufficient zinc intake or a fructose deficiency. Low sperm count is often caused by frequent ejaculation because not enough sperm cells are produced to make up for the demand. The fix for this is to refrain from ejaculation for a while. If there is insufficient zinc in a diet, this can also cause watery sperm. Because fructose is a large component of semen and nourishes the sperm, a fructose deficiency results in watery semen. Fructose comes largely from fruit and vegetable consumption, so a deficiency in fructose is caused by diets with low carbohydrate and sugar consumption. Another possible cause of fructose deficiency is over-exercising, which uses up stored sugars for energy. A simple solution is for those with watery sperm to eat more fruits and vegetables.