What Causes Poor Blood Circulation?


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Atherosclerosis is the most common cause of poor blood circulation, according to MD-Health.com. Other possible causes are venous thrombosis, insufficient exercise, tight-fitting clothing and stress.

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MD-Health.com explains that atherosclerosis is a condition wherein the blood vessels harden, causing difficulty in pumping blood throughout the body, particularly in the hands and legs. This happens because plaque deposits form along the artery walls due to high cholesterol, blood pressure or diabetes. Smoking and aging are also factors that lead to hardening of blood vessels.

MD-Health.com states that another cause of low blood circulation is venous thrombosis, also called deep vein thrombosis. This condition arises due to inflamed veins, which are caused by blood clots that become lodged in the veins. A person who does not exercise regularly is also likely to experience poor blood circulation. Low circulation and blood pooling happen when a person frequently stays in a neutral position for long periods, as blood in the legs and pelvis becomes stagnant.

In some cases, tight clothes, such as skinny jeans and tight shirts, reduce blood circulation, notes MD-Health.com. Stress also contributes to poor circulation, especially in the hands, because it causes knots in the muscles in the neck and shoulders, thereby restricting blood flow to major organs like the heart.

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