What Are Some Causes of Personal Pollution?

Some causes of personal pollution include using chemicals when gardening, littering and not disposing of substances like antifreeze correctly. Causes of personal pollution vary between households, as do the solutions. For example, not everybody drives, which means not everyone can cut down on driving to reduce petrol output.

Some causes of personal pollution and their solutions include using too many chemicals when gardening and not disposing of them properly, as this contributes to infected water systems. In addition, people who allow their drains to clog with rubbish, pet waste and other substances contribute to urban stormwater runoff, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. It is, therefore, important to find green disposal methods. Both individuals and businesses engaging in incorrect chemical disposal pollute stormwater, which includes antifreeze and petrol. Some local governments offer waste removal services, to prevent this from happening. When washing clothes, households should use detergents that are low in phosphorous, and septic tank owners should pump them every 3 to 5 years.

When it comes to air pollution, leaving appliances to run for too long and using outdoor lighting has a negative effect, according to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services. Homeowners should switch appliances off when they leave the room, and they should use solar lighting outdoors. Finally, when using lawn care equipment, opting for electric or handheld options is more environmentally friendly than petrol.