What Are Some Catchy Fall Phrases for a Preschool Class?

Catchy fall phrases for a preschool class for use with activities or above wall decorations are "fall into learning," "A is for autumn" and "jump into fall." Other phrases like "autumn leaves are falling down" and "hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to rake we go" can be sung.

Cute fall phrases like "autumn leaves are falling down" can not only be posted on a bulletin board but also sung along to. "Autumn leaves are falling down" goes well with the tune of "London Bridge is falling down," complete with two students holding paper leaves up high as the others walk underneath then letting go of the leaves when the song ends. Instead of ending with "my fair lady," end with "welcome autumn." As an alternative, all the kids can simply wiggle their fingers like falling leaves. Yet another option is for each kid to have a small collection of paper leaves (perhaps that they decorated and cut themselves) and go through additional verses with motions; including "sweep the leaves and put them here" and "jump right in and have some fun," each ending with "welcome autumn."

Endless possible cute fall phrases also include "pumpkins come and pumpkins go but jack-o-lanterns steal the show" and "pumpkin parade."