What Do You Do in Case of a Hurricane?

The Office of Emergency Preparedness in Louisiana reports factors that must be considered in the case of a hurricane that determine whether or not an immediate evacuation is required. The possibility of evacuation depends on the amount of time before the hurricane is predicted to make landfall. After you evaluate that time frame, you can determine whether you need to evacuate your home and how much preparation is necessary.

The appropriate level of preparation is determined by your ability to plan in advance. The best way to prepare yourself for a possible evacuation during hurricane season is to make sure that you have a battery-operated radio or television to receive live updates on tropical threats from your local weather authority. Meteorologists use the terms hurricane watch or hurricane warning to let you know how much time you have to prepare. A hurricane watch means that the storm is expected to hit land within 36 hours, and a hurricane warning means that the storm is expected to hit land within 24 hours. Meteorologists tell the communities that are most threatened by flood waters or high winds to evacuate when a hurricane warning is issued. This means that you should prepare ahead and become familiar with evacuation routes. Always make plans with family members about the location to which you plan to evacuate. When you evacuate, fill your vehicle's tank with enough gasoline to reach your final destination. Make sure to leave immediately, in case the roads become flooded or blocked by fallen trees.