What Are Some Career Options in the Field of Animal Science?


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A few of the animal science careers that involve working directly with animals include working for zoos, kennels, farms, wildlife preserves and universities as a veterinarian, behaviorist, nutritionist, scientist, trainer or caretaker. Some professions that do not involve direct work with animals but still require familiarity with animal science include doctors, pharmacists, geneticists, writers and teachers.

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Often, animal science majors may have options in careers with few obvious links to animals. Lawyers working for non-profits such as the Humane Society or Greenpeace specialize in animal welfare or environmental law. Writers, illustrators and photographers are often commissioned for articles concerning wildlife and domestic animals, providing visuals for anatomical studies or composing textbooks.

The agricultural industry and the government also hire employees with a background in animal science to inspect the food supply and ensure compliance with the regulations in place. These industries may also supply careers in sales, marketing and lobbying with employees seeking grants or subsidies on behalf of the industry or informing the consumer of a new product available at the grocery store. Animal science majors serve as consultants when breeding dogs, cats, horses, cows or any domestic animal. With extensive knowledge of animal genetics, health and behavior, such consultants might influence the breeding of cows that produce more milk or cats that do not trigger allergies.

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