How do you take care of a pygmy date palm tree?


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Someone who wants to take care of a pygmy date palm tree should avoid watering it too much, not over prune it and use fertilizers that develop the right soil environment. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that it has the right amount of sun exposure, while protecting it from frost.

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Ways to care for a pygmy date palm tree include:

  • Watering them, without overwatering them - While pygmy date palm trees do need regular watering, watering them too often can cause root rot.
  • Avoid over pruning - Palm trees in general are unlikely to flourish when deprived of their leaves. When the leaves are removed before turning completely brown, the plant suffers from a nutritional deficiency. To avoid stressing the plant, leave the leaves to grow. When trimming, pay particularly close attention to the crown.
  • Avoid letting the tree grow in an alkaline environment - Allowing this tree to grow in an alkaline environment can make the leaves yellow. Use a nitrogen-based fertilizer to develop the soil.
  • Ensure the tree benefits from the right weather conditions - Although these trees are tough, they do begin to suffer when they are exposed to too much frost. It is therefore important to shield them. In addition, ensure they are exposed to a mix of partial shade and full sun throughout the day.
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