How Can Wildlife Be Protected?

can-wildlife-protected Credit: Guy Edwardes/Stone/Getty Images

Strategies to protect wildlife include preserving natural habitats, supporting conservation organizations and reducing invasive species. While many of these steps are small, they all contribute to protecting and preserving wildlife.

Preserving animals’ natural habitats is one of the most effective ways to protect wildlife. Animals face many threats to their habitats, including farming, development and deforestation. All of these processes can lead to extreme climate and environmental changes, such as soil erosion and desertification. Habitat destruction can cause species extinction, and the preservation of natural land is one of the major ways to protect wildlife from destruction.

Conservation organizations make a concentrated effort to protect animals and habitats. Different organizations have different goals, from preserving certain areas or species to influencing government policy, but they all work for the benefit of animals and the environment. Supporting these organizations financially through donations or volunteering time is an effective and accessible way for ordinary citizens to aid in wildlife preservation.

Invasive plant and animal species can also have a negative effect on native wildlife and habitats. Working to reduce invasive plant species and support native animal species both aid in wildlife preservation. This can be as simple as eliminating invasive plants in back yards and planting native plant species. Supporting native animal populations also helps maintain a balanced ecosystem.