Where Can I Find Volcano Information for Kids?


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Safe and educational volcano information designed for kids can be found in content from Weather Wiz Kids, Science Kids, National Geographic Kids, Volcano World from the Department of Geosciences at Oregon State University and Scholastic. These resources teach kids by using interactive graphics, basic scientific terminology, fun facts lists and answers to frequently asked questions. Some, like Volcano World, offer suggestions for curricula for all ages of kids.

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Weather Wiz Kids offers information in a question-and-answer format. It describes the different types of volcanoes; defines the difference between active, dormant and extinct volcanoes; explains the relationship between tectonic plate movement and volcanoes; and provides examples of well-known volcanoes such as Krakatoa, Mauna Loa and Mount St. Helens.

Science Kids uses a fun facts format to teach kids about volcanoes. It explains the etymology of the word "volcano" and looks at examples of volcanoes on other planets.

National Geographic Kids teaches about volcanoes through a graphic describing the movement of the magma from the center of the Earth to the top of a volcano. Volcano World offers lesson plans for educators, interactive video games and projects, and a detailed glossary defining volcano-related terms. Scholastic offers lesson plans, online and printable activities, and articles on volcanoes geared to students in grades three through eight.

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