Where Can You View Videos of UFO Sightings From 2014?

can-videos-ufo-sightings-2014 Credit: homeworks255/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Videos of unidentified flying object sightings from 2014 are available to watch on YouTube.com, Disclose.tv and OpenMinds.tv. Enter the phrase "2014 UFO Sightings" into the desired site's search field, and then click enter.

Sort the search results on YouTube by upload date, relevance, rating and view count. YouTube also offers search result filters, including type, features, duration and upload date.

On the Disclose.tv search results page, click the Videos link under the Web tab to filter the results. Use the Sort By drop-down menu to view results by posting date or relevance. OpenMinds.tv does not offer sort and filter features; however, a detailed synopsis is posted with each video.