How Can VHS and Cassette Tapes Be Recycled?

How Can VHS and Cassette Tapes Be Recycled?

VHS and cassette types contain plastic and magnetic film so, in order to recycle this material, the case must be opened and the film and plastic separated. Plastic can be easily recycled; however, the film is thrown into the garbage. There are also some creative options for using cassette covers.

Old technology, such as VHS and cassette tapes fall into the category of e-waste. In order to best recycle these materials, some work on behalf of the user is required.

To best recycle VHS, get a screwdriver to pry apart the plastic casing from the magnetic film. The plastic can be thrown into any recycling bin, while the magnetic tape is garbage.

Cassette tapes require the same process for recycling, but offer more creative options such as using the tape in the garden to ward off birds and squirrels from fruit trees and vegetables.

Magnetic plastic tape is useful as a waterproof twine to tie up tomato plants and green bean vines. Plastic covers make creative wallets in many different sizes and styles. In order to make a wallet, lay the plastic frames on a piece of fabric and cut around the plastic, leaving one side open for a zipper. Using a hot glue gun, glue the fabric to the plastic cover.