Can Venus Be Seen From Earth?

can-venus-seen-earth Credit: David Clapp/The Image Bank/Getty Images

For most of the year, Venus is visible to the naked eye. The exception to this is when Venus is too close to the sun to be observed.

Venus is one of the so-called naked eye planets. The others are Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. The period of time during which Venus can be seen is known as its apparition. Venus can be seen during the morning or evening during the months when it is visible, since it is close enough to Earth to be seen as a tiny speck in the sky. The light from Venus is recognizable as a more steady type of light than the light that emanates from the stars. A beginner's telescope or even a pair of strong binoculars along with a monthly planet charting guide (usually found online) can help you locate Venus easily in the sky, along with other planets that are visible from Earth.

Venus is the brightest planet in the sky, and when it's visible, you can see it prominently in the dawn and predawn hours on the eastern horizon. It will be the brightest star in morning sky for much of the year, although it is more readily seen during fall in the evening sky.