Where Can You Find Titanium?

Christian Kober/AWL Images/Getty Images

Most deposits of titanium minerals are found in Australia, Canada, United States, India, South Africa, Ukraine and Norway, according to Minerals Education Coalition. It is found in numerous minerals, particularly ilmenite and rutile.

Ilmenite is a major source of titanium that provides around 90 percent of the titanium used worldwide each year, states MEC. The estimated resources of ilmenite consist of 1 billion tons of titanium dioxide. The resources of rutile in the world are composed of approximately 230 million tons of titanium dioxide. Ilmenite and rutile are extracted from sands that likely contain only a few percent by weight of the minerals. In the U.S., titanium-rich sands are found in Florida and Virgina, but the U.S. also imports large amounts of titanium and titanium dioxide from Russia, Japan, Kazakhstan and other countries.

Titanium is a strong, lightweight metal commonly used in airplanes. Titanium is mostly used in its oxide form. It has an extremely high melting temperature, and it is very strong, although it’s lighter than steel. Due to these properties, titanium and titanium alloys are used in the aerospace industry, particularly in making engines and structural components for airplanes, spacecraft and satellites. Around 60 percent of metallic titanium is used in the aerospace industry.