How Can You Tell the Difference of a Rock Vs. a Mineral?

can-tell-difference-rock-vs-mineral Credit: David McSpadden/CC-BY-2.0

Minerals are made of the same substance, while rocks are made of several different substances or more than one mineral. Minerals have crystals, while rocks do not have any crystals. Minerals usually have a definite shape, while rocks have no definite shape.

Minerals are usually the same color throughout. Rocks do not have a uniform color. Some describe minerals as having a physically appealing appearance, while rocks do not possess the same quality. Minerals do not have fossils, while some rocks have fossils. All rocks contain at least two or more minerals. Conversely, a mineral is not made up of rocks. Rocks have several different names, depending on their size. There are about 3,000 known minerals on Earth.