How Can You Stop Yourself From Drooling While You Sleep?

can-stop-yourself-drooling-sleep Credit: harpazo hope/Moment Open/Getty Images

Most people can stop the problem of drooling in their sleep by changing their sleep position. Dr. Celite Kushida of the Stanford University Center for Human Sleep Research advises people with sleep-related drooling issues to try sleeping on their backs. He notes that sleep position is most often the culprit. He notes the worst position for drooling is on the stomach with the head on the corner of the pillow.

While changing sleep position may help most people reduce drool while sleeping, there are also a number of medical problems for which drooling can be a symptom. "It's important for people to realize what is normal phenomenon versus something that needs further evaluation," says Dr. William Kohler, Medical Director of the Florida Sleep Institute in Spring Hill, Fla. Medical problems that can cause drooling include a blocked airway or sleep apnea, according to Dr. Kohler.

Individuals concerned about their drooling or who do not see an improvement in the problem after changing sleep position can seek help from a sleep specialist, notes Dr. Kashida. Another cause for sleep drooling that Dr. Kashida notes is foreign objects in the mouth, such as mouth guards that are used to stop grinding of the teeth.