How Can We Stop the Greenhouse Effect?


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Things an individual can do to help stop the greenhouse effect include using renewable energy, getting a home energy audit, purchasing green tags, using solar panels, using energy-efficient light bulbs and properly adjusting his home thermostat. There are also cleaning products that are free of toxic chemicals that can be used.

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There are some utilities companies that offer free home energy audits for a homeowner who desires to know how much energy he is using in his home and how much he can save. Recommendations from the audit might include using a programmable thermostat, using more energy-efficient windows and installing proper installation.

Examples of renewable energy include that from wind, sun, water and geothermal energy sources. Renewable energy sources can make up a sizable percentage of a country's total energy needs. The Green Power Network website from the U.S. Department of Energy lists several renewable energy options.

Solar panels allow a homeowner to use a renewable energy source and take advantage of a long-term investment opportunity as well as residential renewable energy incentives. Energy-efficient light bulbs are effective in reducing global warming pollution and saving on energy bills. These light bulbs also usually last longer than incandescent lights. Lowering the thermostat by 3 degrees in the winter and raising it 3 degrees in the summer can also lower the amount of carbon dioxide emitted.

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