How Can We Stop Acid Rain?

can-stop-acid-rain Credit: Dimitrije Tanaskovic/Vetta/Getty Images

Acid rain cannot possibly be stopped fully but can be reduced in several ways including switching fuel sources to natural gas, oil, or renewable energy sources, removing the sulfur from the coal before burning and burning it more efficiently, using fluidized-bed combustion processes to burn the coal, switching to low-sulfur coal and removing the sulfur from the smoke stack after combustion through the installation of pollution control equipment.

Acid rain is caused mainly by the emission of sulfur dioxide (SO2) from coal-burning power plants. Vehicles are also major sources of the pollutants that cause acid rain by emitting nitrogen oxides. Usages of renewable energy sources can help to reduce acid rain because these sources are free from sulfur and produce less pollution. Vehicle manufacturers are required to use technologies in their vehicles that reduces the amount of nitrogen oxides and other pollutants released by it. One type of technology can be used in vehicles is called catalytic converter. This technology is very effective in reducing the amount of nitrogen oxides released by cars. Usages of alternative fuel like natural gas can also be a good solution. These solutions will be pointless unless people are informed and aware about the harmful effects of this rain. Thus, a widespread effort must be taken to make people aware of the hazardous effects of acid rain.