How Can Someone Make Water Glow?


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To make water glow, tonic water, a black light, two clear plastic cups, a medicine dropper and some bleach are needed. While the black light makes tonic water glow, adding bleach to it reduces the glow.

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To make water glow:

  1. Pour tonic water into two clear plastic cups
  2. Pour an equal amount of tonic water into two plastic cups. Once is going to remain plain, while the other is going to feature bleach.

  3. Place the tonic water under the black light
  4. In a darkened room, take the cups of tonic water and place them under a black light. As tonic water contains quinine which becomes phosphorescent under ultraviolet lights, it should glow.

  5. Add bleach to one of the cups
  6. Using the medicine dropper, take a little bleach and add it to one of the cups. The result should be that the cup with bleach should lose its glow.

When quinine is placed in the path of ultraviolet light it absorbs the rays, which stimulates it. As quinine is stimulated, it releases a blue glowing light. When adding bleach to the experiment, its oxidizing abilities break apart the chemical bonds that allow for this blue glow. As such, adding bleach should cause one cup of tonic water to darken. Similarly, diluting a cup of tonic water can dull the glow.

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