Where Can Someone Donate Bone Marrow?


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Those interested in donating bone marrow can do so at a hospital that works with the National Marrow Donor Program, at a blood center or at an outpatient clinic, depending on the type of donation required. There are two types of donations: bone marrow and peripheral blood stem cell donations.

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Donating bone marrow is a surgical procedure that is performed at hospitals associated with the NMDP. Not all hospitals are equipped to perform this task, so some donors are asked to travel outside of their areas.

Peripheral blood stem cell donations can be done in a clinic or a blood center, as it's a non-surgical procedure. The donor undergoes multiple filgrastim injections five days prior to the donation. Some of the injections can be performed at home.

To qualify to donate bone marrow, the donor must be matched with the patient first. A full evaluation of health takes place before a donation is taken to ensure the health of both the donor and the patient. Some individuals are not allowed to register if they have certain diseases such as HIV or hepatitis.

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