How Can Someone Convert Kilowatt Hour to Joules?


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One kilowatt hour is equal to 3,600,000 joules, so any quantity of kilowatt hours must be multiplied by 3,600,000 to find the equivalency in joules. The opposite applies if someone wants to convert a quantity of joules to kilowatt hours. The quantity of joules must be divided by 3,600,000 to find the corresponding quantity in kilowatt hours.

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Since one kilowatt hour is equal to 3,600,000 joules, it can also be said that one kilowatt hour is equal to 3.6 joules multiplied by 10 to the sixth power or 3.6 MJ, which stands for million joules.

There are also unit converter tables available online that list the joule equivalency to quantities of kilowatt hours, from one kilowatt hour up to 1000 kilowatt hours. Kilowatt hours can be converted into British thermal units, and joules can be converted into many measurements like kilojoules, calories and BTUs.

The energy unit kilowatt hour measures how much power in kilowatts is consumed over the course of exactly one hour. The joule unit refers to the amount of work done when one newton moves its point of application by one meter. A kilowatt hour is usually abbreviated as kWh and a joule as J or j.

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