How Can Someone Add Inches to Their Height?


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While there may be some exercises that can strengthen and stretch the spine, height is largely determined by genetics and is only somewhat controllable by environmental factors such as nutrition. According to 'Scientific American,' only about 20 to 40% of human height is determined by environmental factors, leaving as much as 80% up to genetics, meaning there isn't much one can do to change their height once they stop growing and reach what is known as 'ultimate stature.' While factors such as parental height may give some clue as to a child's growth potential, the Tech Museum of Innovation points out that the genetics of height are complex, with the potential for the involvement of more than 20 genes in determining each individual's ultimate stature, making it hard to determine exactly what contributes to height.

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Though there may be some difference between genders, all people tend to reach their maximum height by the end of their teenage years. Therefore, pre-puberty nutrition is essential in influencing the 20 to 40% of influence that nutrition and other environmental health factors can have on height. Though some childhood illnesses can negatively impact stature, these negative effects are typically counteracted by the medical use of human growth hormones.

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