How Can Silicone Be Removed From Glass?

can-silicone-removed-glass Credit: Kelly Taylor/CC-BY-2.0

Silicone sealant can be removed from glass by using a combination of silicone solvent and a putty knife to scrape the silicone off. The solvent is used to make the silicone softer and more pliable while the putty knife is used to scrape the softened silicone off the glass.

Silicone is often used as a sealant for doors, windows and other fixtures that are made of glass. While it will not make a large impact, it can cause the glass to look dingy, dull and spotted if it gets onto the glass. It needs to be removed in order for the glass to look completely see through.

The person who is removing the silicone from the glass should be sure to take proper safety steps to ensure that they do not get hurt or sick. Protective eye wear should always be worn when working with glass structures due to the risk of glass breaking when scraping the silicone off with the putty knife. Protective gloves should also be worn to protect the hands from both the solvent and the risk of breaking glass. The area that the person works in should always be well ventilated because the silicone solvent has harmful fumes.