Where Can I Sell My Bone Marrow?

MoreMarrowDonors.org is a U.S. organization dedicated to providing small amounts of compensation to bone marrow donors. Its mission is to promote marrow donations to increase the number of lives saved by blood marrow transplants.

Although California's 9th Circuit Court of Appeals wrote that bone marrow sales are not criminal, they are legal in only nine states. Selling marrow has been prohibitive until now because of the painful extraction method of aspiration, or siphoning out cells from the hip bone through a large needle. Apheresis is a less-intrusive method for harvesting marrow stem cells from the bloodstream via blood drawn from the arm.

Bone marrow is more often donated voluntarily for transplantation into an individual whom the donor knows, typically to combat leukemia or other blood diseases. Donating bone marrow for use in research is more often compensated financially.